Themal Lake, Héviz

Hévíz and its 38-meter-deep thermal lake can be found in the direct proximity of Balaton, at the western corner of Central Europe’s biggest lake, but Tapolca and Rezi are also within only 30 kilometres. In a 30-min ride, you can explore the flourishing gem of Zalaegerszeg, and already mentioned the spa of Zalakaros is 30 mins far from Hévíz alike. Thus, you simply cannot make a mistake coming here.

Tapolca Lake Cave

The Lake Cave of Tapolca was discovered in 1903 during well-digging and was opened to the public ten years later. This way it became the first electricity-installed cave of Hungary, serving touristic aims as well. The cave was formed in Sarmatian limestone of the mid-Miocene Subepoch 13.7 million years ago. Therefore its rock is made up of limestone and marl layers left behind by sediments of the one-time Sarmatian Sea.

Castle of Sümeg

Sümeg Castle is one of the nicest, unharmed remained Hungarian castle built on sümeg’s bald hill. All the parts can be seen: inner and external castle and the citadel. The oldest part was constructed in around 1260. The castle of Sümeg was being built from 1262 through different eras until the episcopate of Pál Széchenyi in the 17th century. Rákóczi’s troop occupied the castle in 1705. In 1709 the Austrians recaptured it, and burned it down a few years later. It was abandoned for a quarter millennium, until in 1957 the National Office of Cultural Heritage explored and conservated it. Since 1989 the castle has been continously renovated, while exhibitions and medieval programmes are held for the visitors.

Badacsony Wine Region

Badacsony is a tiny, traditional Hungarian wine region on the northern shore of the southern end of Lake Balaton, central Europe’s largest lake. It shares its name with both the mountain which dominates the area and a village of around 1000 inhabitants.

A wide range of red and white wines are made here from a wide portfolio of both local and eastern European speciality grape varieties, plus more internationally popular wine grape varieties. The latter include Pinot NoirChardonnayMerlotSyrahSauvignon BlancRiesling and Muscat Ottonel. Several wineries also produce wines (usually fairly neutral with high acidity) from the Eastern European speciality Welschriesling (Riesling Italico).

Castle of Szigliget

A castle with a rich history and stunning view.

The history of the castle dates back to the mid-13th century when castle constructions had intensified following the Mongol Raid. The first owner was the Abbey of Pannonhalma. The castle was built on a volcanic peak surrounded by swamp and was much smaller than today having just two towers with a keep in between and a walled bailey. Later it passed into the hands of the king by exchange and then it was obtained by the Bishop of Veszprém who kept it until the end of the century.

Balaton Uplands National Park, Csodabogyós Cave

Certain branches of the cave have been opened to the public. If you are curious to see this extraordinary underground world, if you are interested in the history of the development of the cave and would like to admire the spectacular dripstones, discover the awe-inspiring sights under the conduct of our skilled tour guides! Depending on your personality and confidence you can choose between the standard tour of 1.5–2 hours and the advanced tour of 3.5–4 hours.