Castle of Sümeg

Sümeg Castle is one of the nicest, unharmed remained Hungarian castle built on sümeg’s bald hill. All the parts can be seen: inner and external castle and the citadel. The oldest part was constructed in around 1260. The castle of Sümeg was being built from 1262 through different eras until the episcopate of Pál Széchenyi in the 17th century. Rákóczi’s troop occupied the castle in 1705. In 1709 the Austrians recaptured it, and burned it down a few years later. It was abandoned for a quarter millennium, until in 1957 the National Office of Cultural Heritage explored and conservated it. Since 1989 the castle has been continously renovated, while exhibitions and medieval programmes are held for the visitors.

Exhibitions of the castle:

– History of the castle, Valiants and arms, Torture chamber and prison, Scale model and plotting board, Blacksmith, Wainwright, Medieval kitchen, Chapel, Mint, Defence: drawbridge, pitfall, cistern, tower, cannons, machicolation

Exhibitions of the court:

– Coach museum, International sabre exhibition, Warmachines, Artillery, Animal patting, Stable