Themal Lake, Héviz

Hévíz and its 38-meter-deep thermal lake can be found in the direct proximity of Balaton, at the western corner of Central Europe’s biggest lake, but Tapolca and Rezi are also within only 30 kilometres. In a 30-min ride, you can explore the flourishing gem of Zalaegerszeg, and already mentioned the spa of Zalakaros is 30 mins far from Hévíz alike. Thus, you simply cannot make a mistake coming here.

The biggest thermal lake in Europe

Giving it the title of a world-famous natural treasure is well-reasoned, considering the fact that the thermal lake of Hévíz (pronounced “hey-wiz”) is the biggest in Europe. As a direct consequence, it is one of the most visited cities on the old continent. In Hungary, for instance, Hévíz was the second most popular city after Budapest in several years, in terms of the number of nights the guests spent at commercial accommodations.

Enthralling spectacle and benefits

When you are bathing in Hévíz’ thermal lake, an enthralling spectacle will embrace you. Multiple dozens of wonderful water lilies and the characteristic humid air – particularly at winter time – makes the experience unforgettable. Not to mention the water’s medical healing effects. It would be really challenging to enumerate all the verified benefits of the lake, and what kind of diseases it is recommended by doctors for – starting from rheumatic musculoskeletal disorders to inflammatory joint- and spinal diseases.

Pleasantly warm water all year round

Although there are many of us, who prefer cold, refreshing water in a pool during summertime, the thermal lake’s pleasantly warm water can also be vitalizing. During summer, the magical lake, that was first mentioned in 1328, has a temperature of 33-35 degrees Celsius, while in winter it “cools down” to around 24-26 degrees. Therefore, it can be enjoyed all year round. If you let me give you a recommendation for a cooler solution too, try the Aqua Palace in Gyula, Hungary.